2012 Mosler RaptorGTR #001 of 1 : 838hp : 2580lb (1173kg) : 649hp/ton

The streamlined teardrop-shaped canopy is very aerodynamically efficient as it directs more air around the sides of the canopy than typical performance cars. The canopy shape translates to the interior with a clear sense of purpose. There is a direct comparison to the cockpit of a fighter-jet, which has a similar streamlined teardrop shape. The driver knows he's in a street legal race car.

The fighter-jet theme is consistent through the vents and tweeter speakers that reside in nacelles above the dash and the instruments covered by a deep, streamlined instrument pod. These complex surfaces are all crafted from carbon-fiber and covered with German alcantara with contrasting yellow stitching. The materials are all rich and perfect.

Billet aluminum controls and shifter add some brightness and contrast to the interior svelte interior curves.

Just as the carbon-fiber's body is shown off in eight bare carbon details, the carbon-fiber structure of the passenger safety cell is shown off via visible carbon structure on the floor and sills of the interior. The interior is topped off by a gorgeous leather steering wheel with bare carbon accents in a V-pattern that brings the exterior's carbon details into the interior.