2012 Mosler RaptorGTR #001 of 1 : 838hp : 2580lb (1173kg) : 649hp/ton

Carbon-fiber is pound-for-pound 5x stronger than steel, thus this material has the capacity to simultaneously enhance the safety and reduce the weight of performance vehicles. This material approximately 20x as costly as high-strength steel, so this material is typically used only on top-tier exotic vehicles. The RaptorGTR's entire body is carbon-fiber with nomex and Kevlar core materials for superior stiffness and crash performance with minimum weight. In addition to the entire body, the center safety cell, forward impact absorption structure and the trunk are also carbon-fiber with Kevlar reinforcement.

The RaptorGTR is built with the same construction concepts as the 1980lb LeMans Prototype racecars. These extremely light racecars are able to protect their drivers in the event of impacts over 150mph through the concept of an extremely strong safety cell surrounded by 'consumable' elements that absorb impact energy. The RaptorGTR at 2580lbs is 600lbs heavier than a LeMans Prototype. The 600lbs accounts for the myriad of luxury, safety, comfort, and sound absorption features that owners expect in an exotic street car...as well as a second seat for a lucky companion.