2012 Mosler RaptorGTR #001 of 1 : 838hp : 2580lb (1173kg) : 649hp/ton

The carbon-fiber structure of the RaptorGTR's body is visible on several surfaces. These areas of clearcoated bare carbon are perfect quality and in a symmetrical V pattern that is consistent from nose to tail. Traveling from front to back, the bare carbon areas are: 1. splitter, 2. nose air inlets (feeding the radiator and front brakes), 3. headlight buckets, 4. roof scoop (feeding the intercooler), 5. wing, 6. turbo intakes, 7. license plate recess, and 8. tail light recesses.

In addition to the eight bare carbon areas, aluminum honeycomb is utilized on the rear bumper to exhaust heat from the engine bay and reduce drag due to suction behind the vehicle. The RaptorGTR is the first production vehicle to feature tail lights mounted to heat-exhausting honeycomb. The air extraction area around the tail lights pull hot air from the turbos.

The RaptorGTR is the first vehicle to feature turbochargers as an aesthetic feature of the exterior.

In addition to these details, the overall shape of the RaptorGTR has an extremely high downforce-to-drag ratio due to the tapered teardrop canopy and system of intaking air low on the body and exhausting it higher. Air is consistently directed upwards, creating significant natural downforce.

Overall, the RaptorGTR's entire body is thoughfully designed to gracefully manage air in and out of exotic surface details.