2012 Mosler RaptorGTR #001 of 1 : 838hp : 2580lb (1173kg) : 649hp/ton

The powerplant is a 7.0L V8 twinturbo producing 838hp at 6700rpm and 775lb-ft of torque at 5000rpm. The Garrett GTX35 turbos are sized for top-end power because seven liters propelling only 2580lb (1173kg) provide excessive torque to the tires even before the boost hits.

The RaptorGTR is the highest power-to-weight ratio vehicle in the world. The 838hp & 2580lb RaptorGTR yields 649hp/ton. The second-highest vehicle is the Bugatti Veyron Supersport featuring 1200hp propelling 4545lb netting 528hp/ton.

The transmission is a race-spec 6-speed manual with limited-slip differential and a billet side-plate to contain the torque. After the transmission, the torque twists half-shafts developed by the Mosler racing program. Lastly, the torque wrinkles the pavement through Nitto NT05-R drag radials mounted to oversize rims, which maximize lateral stability.Treadwear is 0, but the singular owner of the RaptorGTR (#001 of 1) isn't likely to be concerned about replacing tires.

The GTX35 turbos are the focal point of RaptorGTR's powertrain. This is the first vehicle to feature turbos as an aesthetic feature of the exterior. The impeller spinning at up to 170,000rpm can be observed from a low viewpoint at the rear of the car. The sounds coming from turbos is unlike anything else on the road.